Hope for Haiti

Those You Have Helped Have Something to Say to You

Millions of our poorest brothers and sisters around the world still look to us for help and hope. With your continued prayers and donations, CRS can reach them. You can make more miracles like the ones you've made by reuniting families separated in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. God bless you and thank you.

Watch the video.

"Nou bite men nou pap tonbe. [We may stumble but we will not fall.]"
—Haitian saying heard in camps after the earthquake

"Catholic dioceses, parishes and schools across the country started mobilizing their networks immediately, and have generously, and creatively, supported our work to help the victims in Haiti. For that, we are extremely grateful."
—Joan Rosenhauer, CRS executive vice president for U.S. operations

How you can help

A year after the earthquake, Haiti still needs our prayers and support. Millions have been displaced and still suffer due to the stresses of living in temporary conditions, many without livelihoods. As we begin the comprehensive program for helping the Haitians rebuild their country, including the most basic infrastructure, many are working side by side with Catholic Relief Services to create a better life. Consider a gift of hope to Haiti and choose a way to supply a basic need or service to our neighbors in Haiti.